1. Directional support at the point of action

1. Directional support at
the point of action

Every analysis published within Analyst Views offers investors an actionable, concise trading plan. New analyses are published many times throughout the trading day, making the product a powerful tool for generating trade ideas. Meanwhile, the clear trend lines, key levels and concise nature of the instrument’s technical scenario enable investors to interpret the analysis in a timely manner and act immediately if required.

2. Take a tour of the key features

1. Trendlines

The price targets within each analysis show investors what they stand to gain, while the blue pivot line marks when a trend is reversed, helping manage their risk.
In this example, the price is
expected to decline.

2. The alternative scenario

The blue stop line marks when a trends is reversed, helping traders manage their risk on an investment.

3. Simple Lookup

Investors can use the search bar for simple idea generation across our fx, equity, commodity and indices coverage.

3. How to interpret the research

As investors, we spend a lot of time of the charts! In this short video we’ll show you how interpret these charts and their commentaries, and how you can leverage these to plan your trades.

Proudly supporting investors

Trading Central has been successfully supporting investment decisions through innovation since 1999. Our broad portfolio of market solutions combines awarded analyst research and patterned pattern recognition. Collectively, our services offer actionable technical and fundamental analytics and 24H multi-asset coverage of global markets. We enable investors to participate in financial markets by generating trade ideas, validating investment decisions and managing risk- all at the point of action.

Markets Never Sleep® and with offices around the world, Trading Central is always there to support your decisions in the moments that matter.